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With 40+ years of experience and over a million reproductive specimens shipped, who else would you trust with your client's last embryo, oocyte, or semen specimen transfer?


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The IVFCRYO-SHIP service is specifically designed and customized for the IVF industry... by the IVF industry.

The founders of IVFCRYO have spent decades creating, maintaining, and continuously developing best practices in the IVF Cryogenic specimen transfer space. As an end result, the service we provide is Faster, More Reliable, Easier to Track, has Better Technology, and is specifically customized for the IVF Industry.


All of the IVF specimen transfers are shipped via next flight out (or local ground travel as applicable) which ensures a very quick delivery time typically less than 12 hours.

Better Technology

IVFCRYO utilizes top notch technology to monitor the Live Temperature and Notification Alerts, Live GPS Location, Live Picture Scans, Predictive Analysis Routing, and live response adjustments to ensure your specimen arrives safe and secure.

More Experience

With 40+ years of experience and millions of specimens shipped, IVFCRYO has the specific IVF and Reproductive Tissue experience needed to be successful with specimen transfers throughout the world.

Additional Benefits

All specimen transfers are performed via a medical courier with an additional "LifeGuard" type of service that treats the package consistent with heart transplant tissue.

IVFCRYO is routinely tracking your IVF cryogenically preserved specimen shipment to ensure delays are minimized. This human element is critical to shipment success when you absolutely need 100% on-time delivery.

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Where We Ship

The IVFCRYO-Ship service provides the safe transfer of embryos, eggs, and sperm to/from the following areas and countries.

  • United States
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan
  • Tawian
  • United Kingdom
  • Macau

We're adding additional countries frequently so check back soon and/or contact us to see if we can add your country of interest.