Cryo Equipment


IVFCRYO offers many cryogenic services for your IVF facility such as Cryogenic Product Distribution, Monitoring Systems, and Routine Maintenance.


Equipment Distribution

In order to provide the best possible service to our clients, IVFCRYO acts as a distributor and installer for many IVF Cryogenic related products. Please see the list below for the types of equipment sales we offer.

  • Specimen Storage Tanks
  • Dry Shipper Tanks
  • LN2 Supply Dewars
  • LN2 Bulk and Microbulk Supply Tanks
  • Monitoring System Solutions
  • O2 Monitoring Systems
  • Automated Emergency Ventilation

Equipment Services

  • Equipment installation service
  • Installation and operational qualification
  • Ongoing routine & annual maintenance
  • Urgent repair and maintenance

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