IVFCRYO to Post Daily Guidance on How to Keep Your IVF Clinic Operations Running in a COVID-19 World

As COVID-19 sweeps the world, IVFCRYO will be creating daily post to help the IVF Industry translate best practices regarding egg, embryo, and semen storage, cryogenic specimen shipping, overall logistics, emergency back-up plans, and much more!

As the world continues to fight the COVID-19 spread and businesses struggle to operate with heavy travel restrictions, IVFCRYO will be there to help.

The staff at IVFCRYO have 40+ years of experience guiding the IVF Industry on risk mitigation and emergency preparedness. We can help you keep your IVF Cryogenic operations up and running during this difficult time.

For the Next 5 days, IVFCRYO will be providing guidance via LinkedIN on how to mitigate the risk of specimen loss, tank failure, emergency operations, and much more.

We're teaming up with industry experts to help guide IVF clinics on how to take the appropriate action now, to prevent failures in the coming weeks.

If you've worked with us in the past and have implemented our recommendations, then you are in great shape and well prepared for the next few weeks, months, or however long this continues.

But if you've not worked with us before, we're here in this time of crisis to spread our knowledge to those who need it.

Please follow our LinkedIN page and be sure to get our daily updates and Myth-busting updates regarding COVID-19 in the IVF Industry and Logistical Operations.