Arizona the Next State to Offer Mandated IVF Insurance Coverage?

Arizona has begun the debate for mandating IVF cryogenic storage and fertility treatment. It looks like they may very well be in line to follow suit with New York's new mandate beginning January 1st.

Over the past few years, businesses have begun offering insurance coverage for IVF fertility treatments and cryogenic storage of specimen, embryos, and eggs/oocytes.

Top companies in the various fields (according to include the following.

  • Bank of America (finance and investment banking)
  • Boston Consulting Group (consulting)
  • Spotify (technology)
  • Discovery Communications (entertainment)
  • News Corp (media)
  • Chanel (fashion and luxury)
  • Conair (consumer products)
  • Johnson & Johnson (pharmaceuticals)
  • Salesforce (technology)

More recently, individual states are beginning to mandate IVF Insurance covering these very same services. New York is leading the way with legislation already passed and ready to be implemented on January 1st, 2020.

Now Arizona lawmakers intend to follow suit.

According to,
"A Senate panel voted Tuesday to ask the full Legislature to consider requiring health insurance policies sold in Arizona to cover fertility treatments.

The unanimous vote by the Finance Committee followed testimony from women, some tearful, who told lawmakers of the emotional, physical and financial difficulties of trying to get pregnant. They described in great detail the medical treatments they have undergone, some of which did result in a pregnancy and some of which did not."

However, the discussion has just begun in Arizona.
"Nothing in Tuesday’s vote ensures the measure will become law, as it still needs approval during the regular session by House and Senate committees and both full chambers."

As states continue this trend, access for all becomes more and more of a reality.
This in turn creates a much higher demand for IVF and reproductive storage tissues services. IVF clinics and storage facilities reports show exponential growth in this industry over the next 10-15 years.

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