About IVFCryo

IVFCryo's vision is to ensure safe and secure storage of all reproductive tissue.

Our mission is to help fertility clinics to make sure no clinic has to face the difficult situation where they have to tell their patients that their specimens have been lost due to a catastrophic tank failure or other critical incident. We do this by putting together comprehensive assessments of the bio-repository system for the management and staff, make recommendations to bridge the gaps, help implement the recommendations by developing policies and procedures, and training the staff to perform the processes properly.

All fertility clinics and IVF centers can run a world-class reproductive bio-repository, regardless of their size and resource constraints. It takes focus, planning and dedication to commit to improve. We can help you get there!

Tank failures happen. Specimens don't have to be lost because of them. Let us help!


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U.S.: 800.430.9830

International: +1.213.632.9482